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Girls Brigade


The Girls Brigade Company was formed in 1942 by Miss M Mackenzie, daughter of the Rev Finlay Mackenzie, Supt. Minister of the Upwell & Manea Circuit at the time.  It was registered as the 7th Wisbech Company Girls Life Brigade and affiliated to the Upwell Primitive Methodist Chapel, where the first meetings were held.  These premises soon proved inadequate and unsuitable.  Larger accommodation was found at Upwell Secondary Modern School then to Bethel Chapel, Outwell until the Upwell Methodist Church was opened in 1956...

1966 saw the amalgamation of the Girls Life Brigade, The Girl Guildry and Girls Brigade of Ireland into the organisation we now know as the Girls Brigade.  This brought a new uniform, revised rules and programme, but its aim and principles remain the same.   The company has met regularly without a break since 1942, with an average membership of 60 girls aged from 5 to 18.  Meetings were first held on Monday evenings, but are now held on Friday evenings.

The girls work towards earning one badge per year.  The badge is split into 4 sections and each section has to be completed in order to gain the badge.  The four sections cover subjects within the headings of Spiritual, Physical, Educational and Service.  Girls can also gain Attendance awards, for regular evening attendance and Sunday Attendance for regular attendance at Sunday School or Church...

Other activities enjoyed by the girls over years include, summer camp, sleepovers, outings, fun days, national competitions, performing at the Royal Albert Hall, being on a Rose Fair Float, performing plays and dances, fundraising, church parades, district events and much more...

1st Upwell Girls' Brigade.

Ages 4 - 7 meet 5.30pm - 6.45pm

Ages 8 -18 meet 7.00pm - 8.15pm

For more information contact Nicola Warden 07584 432 695